Avanti can trace its roots back to 1962 when the first Avanti, at that time a product of the legendary Studebaker auto manufacturer, was launched. Today´s Avanti is a modern tribute to the original ground breaking vehicle styled by Raymond Loewy. Many of the original cars unique lines can be seen in the handcrafted body of a 2007 Avanti, the circular headlamps, the asymmetrical bonnet bulge, the absence of a front grill and the coke bottle profile.

Each Avanti is lovingly assembled by a team of dedicated craftsmen at our production facility located in Cancun, Mexico. They produce just 150 of these exclusive automobiles each year, ensuring that product exclusivity is maintained.

The original car was conceived as the American alternative to the luxury sports cars of the UK and Continental Europe and the current car continues that role. At Avanti we firmly believe in evolution rather than revolution. This philosphy is reflected in our cars which offer a unique blend of inspirational style, advanced technology and an engaging driving experience alongside a strong dose of tradition.

Born ahead its time, the Avanti continues to lead the way more than 40 years later. Avantis are automotive masterpieces, created by craftsmen and driven by a discerning group of enthusiastic owners.

Avants were last produced in Cancun, Mexico and last sold in early 2007. The company no longer exists as of mid-2007.